British Southern-Asian Family

British Southern-Asian Family (Any gender, Any playing age)
**Please note that we are only accepting applications from real families who are London-based. Please check that your client’s family are happy to take part and mention this on submitting

**We are looking for large, multi generational family groups from the British Southern-Asian community (eg Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi etc heritage) who are based in London. Note that we are planning to shoot at each family home where possible and so we need to limit our locations to London and the very near vicinity.

Full of warmth, personality and charisma, and with a love of cooking and eating together.
Would love to have a mix of modern families as well as traditional, representing different religious and cultural backgrounds.

I think it would be cool to lean into any hobbies, interests or professions so please do mention if your clients have any unusual pastimes. Maybe a daughter is a big football fan, dad is a mechanic etc etc.

Especially interested to find some of the below types of family members:
• Strong Granny Matriarch who runs her kitchen
• Kind grandads
• Mix of modern working mothers and fathers as well as more traditional
• Young men who are involved in the kitchen
• Young, bright kids
• Artistic and thoughtful young people. Could be quite

Contract info: FILM
Adult – £500 – 1 off fee based on Walk-on
Children – £350 – 1 off fee based on Walk-on
NB these are all in day fees so payable wether they appear in the final film or not.
Casting details: Initially we will ask for some pictures and video clips/a self-tape. We may request a Zoom, or ask to visit the family at home where appropriate. We’re very aware that large families are difficult to organise, so we will be adopting a flexible approach to this one!
Production dates: Shooting 21st and 22nd June 2023
Each group will be needed for half a day. Production location: London

Briefs may change so please check back!

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