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Spotlight is the home of casting.

Spotlight connects performers with roles in theatre, television and film productions around the world. Casting professionals choose Spotlight to cast their projects because performers on Spotlight are recognised as the industry’s best. Actors pay an annual subscription. Once registered, TV Twins can submit you directly from the Spotlight board.


You may be eligible to join Spotlight as a full member. You’ll need to meet standards based on your experience or training in order to be eligible – find out more about adult membership here.


A young performer wishing to join Spotlight must be a minimum of 4 years old and under 18. This means you can join as a young performer from the day of your 4th birthday and up until the date of your 18th birthday. To join Spotlight, you will need to be represented by a Spotlight registered agency (e.g. TV Twins) who can send you a secure application invitation to complete or apply on your behalf. Please contact us to request a secure application invitation.

Some recent changes to the age range of Young Performers. Once a Young Performer reaches 18, instead of being invited to renew, they will be offered an upgrade to Performer membership. Over the course of the next year, Spotlight will gradually remove the 18-25 section of the Young Performer membership, so that the renewal email for 18+ will be offering an upgrade instead. 

Advantages of being represented by us on Spotlight mean:
  • we will submit you for appropriate castings automatically, without you having to apply
  • you will receive casting notices from Spotlight and ‘nudge’ us for those that particularly interest you
  • our submissions will be given greater weight than from those not on Spotlight because performers on Spotlight are recognised as the industry’s best

As twins, we understand the cost of membership is doubled. However, perhaps one twin has a greater interest in performing, therefore one could join Spotlight and we’ll include information regarding their twin on their profile.

There’s also a Bursary Scheme and option to pay monthly.

Already on Spotlight?

New: If you’re a performer wishing to change your agent/representation details, this can now be done by signing into your personal Spotlight account and selecting ‘Manage my agents’. Changes are instant, and you can check your new profile layout afterwards by selecting ‘View my profile’. Please ensure that you have removed any agents that you no longer wish to appear. If you have more than 2 agents then you need to email to request they add TV Twins as your representative.

We follow: Good Practice Guidelines: For Parents, Agents, Casting Directors and Producers

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