Dad & Daughter (38–43 and 8-9 years)

We are ONLY casting a real dad and his daughter (or could even be niece and uncle for example or have another close family connection) so their natural chemistry comes across.

Dad is in his late 30’s / early 40’s

Milly is 8 – 9 (we can’t go younger than 8 for legal reasons so please don’t suggest anyone 7 or…

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Mum, Dad & Twins

Looking for a family of 4 here for a supermarket commercial shoot in March. Looking for all ethnicities but particularly keen to see Black and Asian options, or Caucasian families with bright red hair and freckles! But all options welcome 🙂

Please ensure profiles are up to date and apply below. Parents can have a joint profile, but we must…

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FATHER & SON (Male, 18–80 years)

We are looking for very well groomed and stylish father & son. Can be step-son, adopted etc, but MUST be a genuine relationship, not on-screen family. It could be an adult actor or model, with his genuine father figure. Or could be that the older male is the professional and can shoot with his genuine son. This is a…

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