TWIN GIRLS aged 15-19 (plus mother?)

MOTHER (LEAD) aged 38 – 46, Southern European (e.g. Turkish/Kurdish/Greek/Italian/Spanish ) & or Mixed Heritage : Must have skilled dance or movement experience , please also note anyone with gymnastic experience too but this is not a necessity- as choreography will be incorporating dance, and the physical theatre of working with props. – A mother juggling her family’s life…

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CHINESE SIBLINGS (Any gender, 11–15 years)

2 x Chinese kids age 11 – 15 watching iPads in the back.

Could be boys or girls or mix. Something quirky / charming about them.

If mum was an actress and interested, she would be on £350bsf + £12,000 for same usage as kids..please suggest as family. would be GREAT if she could drive..let me know!

Suggest now, casting is this…

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Middle Eastern babies and young girl

RIMA (Female, 5–7 years) Happy, playful and adoring of her newborn baby sister, she is almost unaware of the disarray happening around her. Shooting 2 days. Ideally would like a young looking 9 year old but open to ages closer to our playing age too.

Looking for x2 babies for this casting. Ideally seeking one 2 month old, one 6…

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Siblings 8/9 and 12/13 years

Our client, a popular cinema chain have asked us to search for a pair of siblings, to host a press junket in-person early June. The siblings will need to ask a series of questions to the film makers of a popular children’s movie, whilst being filmed. We will then create online content from this video.

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Caucasian m/f couple 40-70+

We are Casting talent who are confident in front of a camera and can believably pretend to have flu, including sneezing & coughing for a stills shoot. The shoot is for a pharmaceutical brand that produces medication for the flu virus.

On completion of the application form below, reply to the email receipt attaching 4 clear photos of yourself, and…

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Female Actor/Singer (5-7 years)

She is about 6 years old. She is from England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia or New Zealand and speaks with an authentic accent. A scrappy, energetic, and adorable young wildcat. Filled with curiosity and boundless enthusiasm, she is totally enamored by everything she sees and everyone she meets in the big city. She has a surprisingly loud ROARRRR she lets…

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REAL mum and daughters (age 9-12)

Looking for a genuine MUM & DAUGHTER pair. Daughter should be age 9-12. All ethnicities and accents (UK). No acting experience required. Natural, fun mum and daughters who will be playing with lego and able to chat freely to each other about their favourite films and lego. Any Inside Out fans a bonus.

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