T&Cs and Privacy Policy



  • Performer refers to the Actor/Model/Twin.
  • Agent refers to TV Twins.
  • Client refers to the Production Company or Casting Director hiring the services of the Performer.


Multiples (and their families) who think they fall into any of the categories that TV Twins represent: e.g. beginners, actors, presenters, models, dancers, supporting artistes, musicians, singers…


Everyone who is accepted and registers with TV Twins must agree to their images being placed on our online casting site to increase their chances of assignments, or used in promotional or printed material.


There are no fees for joining TV Twins.


TV Twins will receive payment from the Client on the Performer’s behalf. Once payment has been received (normally six weeks after you have completed the work assigned, sometimes longer depending on the Client) TV Twins will, after making a deduction of commission (see below), pay the balance of the payment directly into the Performer’s bank account by BACS within 7 working days.


  • TV Twins will deduct 20% Commission from earnings gained through TV Twins.
  • Where Chaperones and Expenses are invoiced for on behalf of the Performer, TV Twins will deduct 5% administration fee.

Where a booking results in a ‘cash-in-hand’ policy, TV Twins will deduct their commission on the next subsequent booking.

National Insurance may be deducted by the Client unless exemption is established at time of invoicing. TV Twins do not deduct National Insurance.

Please note: we pay by BACS. A remittance will be emailed to you at the address on file. We only send remittances by email. You are classed as being self employed, therefore responsible for your own contributions i.e. tax.

International payments

From 30th January 2024, 1% currency conversion fee (capped at £1,000) will be charged for payments received in currencies that aren’t pounds (GBP).


When you accept a job casting from TV Twins we expect you to attend. If for some reason you cannot attend, you must inform the agency immediately in order that we may explain to the client and organise a replacement where possible.

We require a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel a booking. Any cancellations given with less than 24 hours notice could require you to supply us with a doctor’s certificate. In the event you are not able to supply the relevant information, and at the sole discretion of the agency, we reserve the right to charge you our agency commission to compensate for the loss of the booking.

In all matters TV Twins reserves its complete right to choose who it represents.

When accepting a job, if the agency does not contact you with your call time then you must contact the agency the day before. It is your responsibility to obtain your call details from us, and your responsibility to ensure you arrive at a booking properly briefed, prepared and on time.


If the office is closed and an assignment has been given, the agency may leave a mobile number for any inquires or emergencies.


Booking time ends when the performer leaves the set and not the actual studio. You should inform the agency if you remain at a job for longer than you were initially booked. Please email your hours after completion of the job. Parents are responsible for keeping written records for their child.


At times you will be offered the opportunity to attend an Audition/Casting. There will be no payment, nor fee or expenses for attending.


Always arrive at least 10 minutes before a work assignment to allow time for preparation. In the event of a problem please contact TV Twins . If it is out of office hours please use the contact name and number for your booking supplied when you were informed of your call time.


When a booking is made the performer must provide their own transport there and back, unless agreed otherwise.


You should regularly inform TV Twins of any dates that you are away on holiday or unavailable for work. Please also remember to update telephone numbers, email addresses and any other contact details regularly.


Please regularly update your profile with any changes in measurements, especially for children.


Any publicity resulting from a role gained through the agency must be discussed with the agency first. Performers are reminded that script and programme confidentiality is vital. You must not disclose anything about the characters you may be portraying, the details of any programs or commercials you may be working on, or the content of an assignment you may be undertaking on behalf of the agency. This includes posting to Social Media.


It is the Client’s responsibility to carry out a proper risk assessment of the location, equipment and work conditions. Any risk to Health & Safety known to the Client must be discussed with TV Twins at the time of the booking. The Client is responsible for the safety of any performer who is providing services in connection with the booking. The Client is obliged to make sure that all other people engaged in connection with the booking and associated travelling are properly qualified and insured. The Client is responsible for the Performers’ health and safety as if they were an employee of the Client.


The children and young persons act now requires the Client to apply for a licence for each child booked for performance work of any nature. TV Twins make every attempt to keep on file all the relevant documentation required for all children currently represented by us and will be happy to help you obtain these licences. If you would like us to complete the relevant licence application form and apply for you, we reserve the right to charge an administration fee.

If the applicant is under the age of 18, then a parent or guardian must sign the agreement.


A parent/guardian/chaperone must always be present at the location. No child is to be unaccompanied at any time.

  • A clean, tidy and well behaved child and chaperone will impress clients and attract future work.
  • No more than one chaperone on set unless otherwise agreed.
  • All children represented by us are expected to behave in a professional and polite manner at all times, unless required as part of the assignment.

It is the parent’s responsibility to care for his/her child and to ensure impeccable behaviour. Poor conduct could result in loss of future contracts.



Provisional bookings may be cancelled by giving notice in writing to the Agent, such notice to expire not less than 48 hours prior to the date for delivery of the Service.

Provisional bookings must be confirmed in writing/email a minimum of 7 days before the start date otherwise the booking will lapse.


Subject to the provisions of the immediately preceding condition, if the booking is other than a Provisional Booking then the following provisions apply.

If a booking is cancelled by the Client more than 48 hours prior to the proposed start time, then the full fee will be charged unless the Client re-books the same Artist and that re-booking is fulfilled within one calendar month of the cancellation.

If a booking is cancelled by the Client less than 48 hours before the proposed start date then the whole of the booking fee will be charged.

In the event that the booking is cancelled by the Performer, the Agent shall use its best endeavours to find a suitable replacement and to offer it to the Client.


A working day is 8 hours including 1 hour lunch. Performers may be booked for a full day, half day or hourly.  Extra half-hours or parts of half-hours shall be paid at half the hourly rate. The minimum booking is for 2 hours.

Photographic fees cover the right to use an image for one year from the date of the booking, in UK only, for the initial permitted use.

Fees for fittings are charged at half the hourly rate with a minimum of £25 per hour.

A photographer is not entitled to use test and experimental photographs for commercial purposes, unless specific arrangements have been made before the photographic session.


The client is responsible for the performer’s health and safety when the performer is travelling, or providing services, in connection with the booking to the same extent as if the performer were an employee of the client. The client will maintain adequate insurance cover to underwrite its obligations to the performer.

The agent is not responsible if the performer fails to attend the booking. The client is advised to insure against any losses, which might result if the model does not keep a booking because of ill health, or some other reason.


Covid-19 Vaccines

In order to ensure the safest possible production environment and minimise potential disruption to production schedules, many productions policies stipulate all cast members must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (i.e., having received the full course of a COVID-19 vaccination and having passed the applicable waiting period for developing immunity using that same vaccine). In furtherance of this policy, including as part of the casting / engagement process, we may seek confirmation as to vaccination status and request corresponding evidentiary support (including where we consider this necessary or otherwise prudent). Should there be a justifiable reason why cast members are unable to be fully vaccinated, we will look to discuss the situation with such cast members or (as applicable) their agents and will consider exceptions to our policy where reasonably appropriate.

Any information that we collect about COVID-19 vaccination status will be used solely for the purpose of ensuring that those productions can take place safely and will be processed on the basis of necessity for complying with employment obligations (including protecting non-employees on our premises) or necessity for reasons of public interest in the area of public health. We will retain this data for no longer than is necessary. Where we no longer need the data we will delete it.


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a positive change towards giving you more control over how your data is used and how you are contacted.

In line with this, we have updated our privacy notice to reflect these changes. It details how we collect, use and store your personal information.


When you register with TV Twins, we collect some personal data. Here’s some quick examples to help make sense of it.


  • Your contact details so we can contact you, submit you for relevant and appropriate castings, and include on invoices when we get you a job.
  • New registered email addresses are added to our Mailing List so we can send you job notices.
  • We would encourage you not to unsubscribe.


  • When you sign up for an account.
  • When you are confirmed on a job.


  • We might share your contact details when you’ve been confirmed on, and accepted a job, with Casting Directors or Production Companies.
  • We include your date of birth and NI# on invoices we submit on your behalf.
  • We take your privacy seriously and we won’t sell your personal data. Ever.


  • We have dedicated, secure servers for your personal data. These are shrouded in multiple layers of security to keep all your details safe.
  • Only you (when logged in) and our agents (with admin rights) have access to this data (which you can change/delete at any time).


  • We only keep your data for as long as you’re registered with us. You can ask to have your data and account deleted at any time.


  • Accounts will be removed within 1 year if inactive or incomplete.
  • Accounts have been reset from 25th May 2018, and all have been removed from our mailing list.
  • Please rejoin mailing list here or register twins here.

TV Twins UK recognises that personal privacy is an important issue, and we support the protection of internet privacy as required by UK legislation.

This statement explains what types of personal information will be gathered when you visit this website and how this information will be used. Please note that although this website provides links to other web sites, this policy only applies to our own web pages.

Personal information is neither captured nor stored through this website without the prior consent of users. Where personal information is captured (eg. through web forms for enquiries etc.), the user will be informed as to what information is being captured and why. Any personal information that you provide to us will be used only for the purpose stated at the time we request it. We will not sell, license or trade your personal information to others. We do not provide your personal information to other organisations.

In addition, some parts of the website require authentication with the use of cookies for security purposes. These cookies are not used to capture or store personal information for any purpose other than to authenticate the user, and are deleted as soon as a session is terminated.

Finally, information about the pages visited are stored for statistical analysis purposes, but individual usage patterns are not monitored.


Please note that TV Twins is committed to equal opportunities for all performers, irrespective of colour, race, religion or belief, ethnic or national origins, gender, marital/civil partnership status, disability or age, religion, sexual orientation, or any other criteria not related to skills or abilities.

Where gender, age, height and or/appearance has been specified on a post, the casting director has confirmed that such characteristics are a genuine occupational requirement of the role.