Adult twins with acting and choreography backgrounds

I’m an artist and composer currently based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. I’m currently seeking identical twins with acting or performance experience for an upcoming project. It’s essential to establish a connection and get to know each other before confirming their involvement in my art project. While the timeline and details are still somewhat vague, I anticipate the project…

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Cool Old Ladies (Female, 65–98 years)

Two glamorous older ladies. We’re looking for either real-life twins, sisters, or very close mates. They love getting all glammed up for a night out. Perhaps they are into ballroom dancing or something like that?

Must be based within 1 hour of central Manchester EXCEPT if they are twins, in which case we can travel them.

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Identical Twin Girls (5–8 years)

As the subject matter for this very important project is very sensitive its vital to find a very mature talented little actress for this role. She should be NO OLDER THAN 8 and ideally she should be petite and able to pass for 6..the younger the better, able to convey a range of expressions, she should be very NATURAL,…

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Twin boys with Middle Eastern heritage

Twin boys aged 9-11yrs (Must be able to play 9 years)

Middle Eastern heritage (N.B. The actress playing their Mother is of Iranian heritage)

Funny, spirited and determined. (N.B. They will be required to say some strong language)

Shooting dates are currently scheduled as: 18 non-consecutive days from 15 May to 24 July. Actors must be available for the spread.

Shooting in London/UK.

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Sisters 6 and 8 years

We are looking for two very natural, engaging and clever young girls to play the young daughters of our film’s protagonist. Therefore pale colouring and blue eyes would be good but not essential if they are really good little actors

Daughter 1 (6 years old), Daughter 2 (8 years old)

She can come from anywhere in the UK. Appears in one…

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REAL SIBLINGS (Male *and* Female, 20–30 years)

Artists must be able to swim somewhat and ideally can drive (not a requirement for all cast members). Would like to see some real siblings. Ideally working class/diverse options. Regional accents very welcome. Would love to see some Liverpudlian accents. Looking for people who are down to earth and able to play themselves.

Male, Any ethnicity, 20-30s.

Female/Non-Binary, Any ethnicity, 20-30s.

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IDENTICAL TWINS (Female, Male, 30–35 years)

I’m looking for identical twins or doppelgangers! I would like to dress these people identically.

The target demographic is slightly older for this film, so we’ll invite 30-35 year olds in for this film in particular.

This is a film for an alcoholic cocktail brand, so all cast members should be comfortable around alcohol, as well as comfortable to drink the…

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