Female Actor/Singer (5-7 years)

She is about 6 years old. She is from England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia or New Zealand and speaks with an authentic accent. A scrappy, energetic, and adorable young wildcat. Filled with curiosity and boundless enthusiasm, she is totally enamored by everything she sees and everyone she meets in the big city. She has a surprisingly loud ROARRRR she lets…

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Twin Sisters (Female, 20–40 years)

A pair of identical twin sisters with striking/interesting looks who are the best of friends.

These sisters have sadly lost their auntie recently & have been left with her home to sell. These sisters are extremely likeminded and there’s no doubt they want to sell quick and use the funds to buy their own first family homes. They might be…

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Fraternal (male/female) twins (10 years)

Holly (female) is the twin to Jolly. Playing age of ten years old. Bright, intelligent, happy and sweet. Appears in all six episodes and has quite an amount of dialogue and able to do a very slight London accent. White.

Jolly (male) is Holly’s twin brother. Very similar characteristics. Bright, intelligent, fun, happy and has an enquiring mind. In all…

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REAL mum and daughters (age 9-12)

Looking for a genuine MUM & DAUGHTER pair. Daughter should be age 9-12. All ethnicities and accents (UK). No acting experience required. Natural, fun mum and daughters who will be playing with lego and able to chat freely to each other about their favourite films and lego. Any Inside Out fans a bonus.

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Identical female twins (25 – 35)

We are looking for twin women who are identical between the ages of 25 – 35. Ethnicity doesn’t matter. We just want to have a unique face (freckles, interesting shape etc) something that will stand out. The commercial will be only 30″ so it should catch the audience’s attention from the get go.

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