Twin Sisters (Female, 20–40 years)

A pair of identical twin sisters with striking/interesting looks who are the best of friends.

These sisters have sadly lost their auntie recently & have been left with her home to sell. These sisters are extremely likeminded and there’s no doubt they want to sell quick and use the funds to buy their own first family homes. They might be…

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Identical female twins (25 – 35)

We are looking for twin women who are identical between the ages of 25 – 35. Ethnicity doesn’t matter. We just want to have a unique face (freckles, interesting shape etc) something that will stand out. The commercial will be only 30″ so it should catch the audience’s attention from the get go.

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Adult twins with acting and choreography backgrounds

I’m an artist and composer currently based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. I’m currently seeking identical twins with acting or performance experience for an upcoming project. It’s essential to establish a connection and get to know each other before confirming their involvement in my art project. While the timeline and details are still somewhat vague, I anticipate the project…

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Cool Old Ladies (Female, 65–98 years)

Two glamorous older ladies. We’re looking for either real-life twins, sisters, or very close mates. They love getting all glammed up for a night out. Perhaps they are into ballroom dancing or something like that?

Must be based within 1 hour of central Manchester EXCEPT if they are twins, in which case we can travel them.

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REAL SIBLINGS (Male *and* Female, 20–30 years)

Artists must be able to swim somewhat and ideally can drive (not a requirement for all cast members). Would like to see some real siblings. Ideally working class/diverse options. Regional accents very welcome. Would love to see some Liverpudlian accents. Looking for people who are down to earth and able to play themselves.

Male, Any ethnicity, 20-30s.

Female/Non-Binary, Any ethnicity, 20-30s.

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