TWIN SISTERS (Scotland, 16–18 years)

We are looking for twin sisters for these roles. They can be identical or non-identical. Aged 16-18 (must be 16+ for licensing reasons). Energetic, driven, playful. Approx 30 lines, both feature throughout.

Should ideally have experience with ballet dance; please flag any relevant experience in app form.

Should be based in Glasgow or the surrounding areas; please flag this in…

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URGENT: Twins age 2-10

TODDLER: Identical twin boys or girls, aged 2-4*. Energetic, confident and cheeky.
*Specifically looking for toddlers at the potty training age or children who are older but appear younger and can convincingly portray the role.

KID MCs: Identical or non-identical twin boys or girls, aged 5-10. Expressive, love to dance and listen to music. Confident in front of the camera, with…

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FATHER & SON (Male, 18–80 years)

We are looking for very well groomed and stylish father & son. Can be step-son, adopted etc, but MUST be a genuine relationship, not on-screen family. It could be an adult actor or model, with his genuine father figure. Or could be that the older male is the professional and can shoot with his genuine son. This is a…

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