REAL SIBLINGS (Male *and* Female, 20–30 years)

Artists must be able to swim somewhat and ideally can drive (not a requirement for all cast members). Would like to see some real siblings. Ideally working class/diverse options. Regional accents very welcome. Would love to see some Liverpudlian accents. Looking for people who are down to earth and able to play themselves.

Male, Any ethnicity, 20-30s.

Female/Non-Binary, Any ethnicity, 20-30s.

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IDENTICAL TWINS (Female, Male, 30–35 years)

I’m looking for identical twins or doppelgangers! I would like to dress these people identically.

The target demographic is slightly older for this film, so we’ll invite 30-35 year olds in for this film in particular.

This is a film for an alcoholic cocktail brand, so all cast members should be comfortable around alcohol, as well as comfortable to drink the…

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Female twins (25-45 years)

This casting describes both characters who identify as female or non-binary, open ethnicity, mid 20s – mid 40s.

One sister has spent most of her life in a laboratory and is now embarking on her first big adventure in the world. She is incredibly smart, witty, enthusiastic, and unflappable. She has an innate disregard for danger, not because she’s fearless,…

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We are looking for FRATERNAL BOY & GIRL TWINS for these roles, please only submit children who are a genuine twin. We are looking for twins who are incredibly alike and as identical as possible. We want to hear from ALL interested young actors, regardless of experience.

Children should be UK based, white, with a playing age of 11 years…

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Another set of adult male twins

Urgently need for shoot tomorrow, for a commercial shoot for a sneaker brand. Location: London. Budget of £1,200

Video brief: “We took two identical twins and dressed them in exactly the same outfits with a hidden camera. The only difference? Mike wore standard white shoes and Steve didn’t. We sent them in to London for the day, this is what…

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