Teenage #twins and #Manchester/NW based family

We’re looking for characterful, expressive actors – not glossy models. ‘Quirky’ is a good word for describing our family. When standing together they should look like an actual family – and if they can act a little, it would help a lot.


We’re looking for teenage girl twins. One’ll need to be able to pull off the ultra high-maintenance, popular girl in high school look; the other the hair-tied back, let’s play rugby tom boy. Pretty, clear skin, nice hair.

You will be asked to self-tape for your casting submission.

Twin 1 – jeans/pretty top/fashionable
Twin 2 – jeans/t-shirt/trainers
Actors may be asked to bring some elements of their own wardrobe

Rate: £250 day rate including usage. Travel fees only available for the Manchester area.

Other roles for this job
  1. Little brother
  2. Mum
  3. Dad
  4. Nana

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