Identical twins over 25


We’re a team of Producers and Directors working at Channel 4 producing short film – the film will end up being about 3-4 minutes long and will be shot in sequence and then submitted without seeing the final result (until it’s developed a few months later) with no editing or post work. It’s a real challenge but also should be a lot of fun to shoot! It’s a passion project which we’re all managing alongside our day jobs.

We are aiming to shoot either on the 16th or 17th March.


  • Identical twins
  • 25 and above – one of the twins needs to be able to drive. Any gender / ethnic background.
  • One of the twin will have more airtime/ acting scenes than the other so if only one person has acting experience then that should work fine as long as the other is okay being on camera and can act in smaller scenes/moments.
  • Must be able to wear same hair style and be okay with looking identical to the other. The idea is a clone taking over the body of the ‘real person’ so its important they resemble each other quite closely.

Self tape – by EOP Thursday 2nd March

You have just killed someone and you are calling your partner to tell them you are on your way home. Something along the lines of:

hey honey, sorry something came up at work but I’m on my way home now

Fees: £300 a day

Let us know below if you intend to self-tape and send tapes to Audition tapes – Dropbox named “full names – Straight 8 – TV Twins.mp3

See self-taping instructions here:

Straight 8 (Channel 4)