IDENTICAL (ISH) TWINS (Female, 16–18 years)

IDENTICAL (ISH) TWINS (Female, 16–18 years)
Looking for real identical twins…
Over licensing age – under 20 please!
1st Twin (16-18)
She again needs to feel characterful and likeable. She needs to look like a believable gamer who would rather play FIFA than play football.
2nd Twin (16-18)
Our second twin should have a bit more of a cool/moody demeanour. All she cares about is music.

ALL Cast will be on wires, so experience would be welcome, but not essential… We will rehearse, but good to let them know there will be wires at height
Contract type: Equity – Minimum Agreement Contract info: £350bsf Buyout: £5750.00
Casting details: SATURDAY 4th March – 10-2pm In studio in LONDON
Production dates:
14 March – recall
22 March – UK fitting
26 March – travel to Bulgaria
27-30 March – prep in Bulgaria
31March – shoot
1st April – shoot
2nd April – shoot
3rd April – travel back
Production location: Bulgaria