Identical twins (38 to 60)

We are looking for 2 IDENTICAL TWIN COUPLES (1 female and 1 male couple) for a shooting for a German pharmaceutical brand in Berlin in the w/o October 24th or Oct. 31st 2022. 


  • Age: 38 to 60 years old
  • Base: Germany, UK and Europe
  • Look: Caucasian
  • Any hair color & hair length 
    Must look the same/similar. Please DO NOT propose siblings that have a similarity. This is not what we are looking for.

All twins should be physically fit and sporty, e.g. skating, trampoline, yoga – please state in app


  • Shooting days: 1 day shooting & fitting on the afternoon before the shooting, 
  • Shooting date: w/o Oct. 24th or 31st, tbd and up to the weather as we are shooting outside on location. Will be narrowed down closer to the shooting. 
  • Location: Berlin, outdoor on location 

DAYFEE & USAGE (no moving images)

  • 1 day shooting: € 1.500 each
  • Travel & fitting, flatfee € 500 each on the day before the shooting. 
  • Usage / buyout: € 3.800 for usage as stated below per talent
  • Travel expenses (flight, train, hotel) will be paid extra! 

    Application Form:

    Ratiopharm (Commercial)