Girl (playing age 8, must be over 9) & mum (25-35)

**Must be 9 years old but should look 8 years old – this is because it is a big role and we need to have the working hours of a 9-year-old in order to fit in all her scenes**

We’re looking for a characterful child who is able to take direction and is able to give a very naturalistic performance. It’s imperitave that she does not seem in any way privaledged.

She is 8 years old and has a cheeky grin (minus a few teeth). Her haircut is a little wonky (definitely an at-home jobbie). And her school uniform is a few sizes too small. But despite the chewed sleeves and the gappy smile, Maddy is cute as a button. Not a well polished shiny button, but the kind of button that reminds us of our own little buttons. Cheeky, defiant and determined.

DEADLINE for self-tapes: Friday 25th August 4pm
Child: BSF £180, Buyout £1200
Mum: BSF £350, Buyout £1200

Mum needs to feel like a kind loving mother. Age 25-35. She needs to feel super real and authentic.
She had kids young and is now doing it on her own. Her circumstances aren’t great but she has a positive outlook for her children.

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