FEATURED EXTRA TWIN GIRLS (Female, 16–22 years)

FEATURED EXTRA TWIN GIRLS (Female, 16–22 years)

They should have long natural hair and a charming attitude.

Twins would be great. Should have acting talent. Both should have natural hair color and not too extremely flashy colored hair. Two different girls of the same type would also be ok. Basically, however, rather natural and sympathetic. No typical model type. Diversity welcome!

Production dates:28.05. – 01.06. 1 Shooting day in SOFIA
Production location:Sofia, Bulgaria

Service Fee: 2.000 € (incl. 1x Day Prep a 8 hours per day and 1x Day Shoot a 12 hours per day incl- travel days). Buyout Fee: 3.000 €. Optional 2nd Shooting Day: 1.000 €. Optional Down Day: 600 €

NATURE BOX (Commercial)