Children aged 6 to 12 years old, and their parent/guardian

I’ve got some new Buzzfeed x LEGO shoots coming up – most urgent are the episodes that will shoot W/c 4th March – for these we’d like self tapes to be submitted by this Tuesday 6th Feb at noon. Specifically for these ones, we’d like tapes from girls and a their parent/guardian and also tapes from boys and girls who are crazy about animals, and their parent/guardian. Of course, everyone should love LEGO but who then who doesn’t!

For the other episodes – which will cover topics such as space, Marvel and other LEGO crossovers – we don’t need the tapes quite as quickly. In fact, we’re happy to accept tapes right up until Wednesday 21st Feb for these.

Anyway, all details are below along with self tape instruction. Do let me know if you’d like to submit some tapes and shout with any questions!


Casting Brief: LEGO x Buzzfeed ‘Boundless Bricks’ series


We’re casting a branded content series of films for online media
platform, Buzzfeed.
Stories and playtime go hand in hand, sparking magic and a sense of
wonder in children. In this series of films, we explore how LEGO can
allow kids to unlock their creativity through play and how it can be a
powerful tool to bond parents and children.

The first episodes, focusing on the LEGO Animal sets and girls who
play with LEGO, will shoot w/c 4th March. We would like to see tapes
for these episodes ASAP. The following episodes will shoot later in
the Spring and Summer, and we would like to see submissions of these
tapes over the next few weeks…


We require a diverse selection of children aged 6 to 12 years old, and
their parent/guardian. Kids who are genuinely passionate about LEGO,
playing with it and talking about it. We need a fun and spontaneous
rapport between child/children and adult – even better if they can
make us laugh. Another bonus if they have a real passion for one of
the following subjects….
Animals (tapes to be submitted ASAP)
Space (tapes can be submitted later)
Marvel (tapes can be submitted later)
We are looking for natural and genuine enthusiasm and chemistry
from our cast.

In general, we’d like to see tapes from boys, girls, siblings, twins etc –
all different family set ups. For our first episode, focusing on girls
who play with LEGO – we’d specifically like to see tapes from girls (and
a parent) between the ages of 6 and 12. For our second episode, any
child/adult combo is suitable – if the child is super passionate about

  1. INTRO: (Into camera) Child: Tell us your name. Adult: Tell us your
    name and your relationship to child. Child: Tell us where you live, and
    how old you are. Tell us a little bit about your love for LEGO.

2: PLAY WITH LEGO: We would like to see child and adult on camera,
playing with LEGO together. Child is taking the lead, but adult is
actively involved too – perhaps encouraging the child to tell a story
(their favourite story maybe?) using LEGO. Asking short questions to
the child about the LEGO world they are creating and playing in.
We would like to see how LEGO enables children to use their
imaginations and get creative, and how playing with LEGO is great for
parent child bonding time.

Your tape doesn’t need to be long, just a few minutes is fine. We want
to see you both playing with LEGO, using your imaginations, and
enjoying each other’s company.

IMPORTANT: None of the above should feel like a ‘performance’,
we would much rather see a natural moment of you both playing

3: UPLOAD: If submitting for Girls or Animals – Please can your tape
be uploaded by the deadline of 12pm this Tuesday 6th February

Make sure video files are clearly labelled with the Child’s name.

All other tapes can be uploaded right up
until 6pm, Wednesday 21st February.

Thank you, we look forward to seeing your tape!

Briefs may change so please check back!

If you fit the brief and we have you on Spotlight, we have already submitted you 🙂

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✓ You’ve not appeared in competitive advertising within the last two years.

✓ You’re legally entitled to work in the UK with relevant documents and paperwork in place.

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