Boy and Dad

Wasp Sting Boy and Dad (Male, 9–50 years) Would love a real acting dad with their son or acting boy with their dad. Wasp Sting Boy (9-11years). (Hopping reacting to being stung) Dad (35-50years). Both featured roles. This role may require artist to wear swimwear (on the shoot not casting). Any artist that is asked to go into the…

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Teenage Boy and Mum

Teenage Boy and Mum with sun cream (12-13 and 35–45 years) Be great to get acting mum with her actual Teenage Boy or acting teen with Mum Teenage Boy 12-13 headphones. (reacting to his mum who has sun cream). They will need to perform a patch test prior to shoot on them to show they’re not allergic. Both Mum…

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