**Self-taping instructions**

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If you’ve been asked to self-tape, we want to ensure you have all the information you need. If you’re taping as identical twins, you need to look alike!

Read FAQs prior to starting each audition!

  1. Tapes should be in landscape mode, with camera/phone resting on a steady surface – never handheld – framing head and shoulders at eye level – we need to see your eyes and face – in a well lit room (light in-front not behind you!). We want to see you clearly.
  2. Do not SHOUT and do not rush – friendly and confidently (see taping lines below). Listen back to your tape and if muffled or sound not clear, redo tape with mic closer!
  3. Always start with a short ident and send one headshot/selfie taken at time of taping.
  4. Read the instructions from the Casting Director thoroughly and check the deadline – try to submit media in good time so agent can preview and ask you to redo if needed.
  5. Do not include anything not requested and trim tapes to shortest possible timings.
  6. If relevant, state that you’re available for all dates (highlight non-availability), and whether you have any commercial conflicts.

If you’re asked to tape lines:

  • We know sometimes scripts appear huge, but it’s best to memorize any lines and be off-book when auditioning.
  • We don’t want to hear anyone else reading your lines, but someone else can read other lines off-camera, but close enough so we can hear them.
  • Lines could be propped up next to the camera so we still see your eyes and face while speaking them. But after repeating lines a few times, you’re sure to pick them up and be off-book!

If you’re asked to complete any forms:

If asked to complete forms, do not provide ANY personal contact details for yourself! Instead, use the following:

Uploading media:

All FILES must be renamed: “Full Name(s) – ROLE – TV Twins” else risk not being submitted – see How to rename files or Search.

We cannot accept HEVC/HEIF files (change camera settings to ‘most compatible’). Max size 500mb.

Upload everything requested to TV Twins links below – not direct to the Casting Director (unless specifically requested otherwise by us) as we need to check everything over first!

Please let us know when you have completed uploading your audition files!

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