How to slate/ident

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Camera/phone should NOT be hand held or move about.
Rest it on a steady surface and film at eye-level in landscape mode!!

When asked to tape a separate slate (or ident) along with your audition self-tape, the Casting Director generally wants a very short video, shot in landscape mode, consisting of:

A close-up, head and shoulders, eye-level frame of performer(s), stating*:

“Hi, my name is Freda Bloggs
My agent is TV Twins
I’m 12 years old and 5ft 6 from Newcastle but live in London
This is my identical twin sister, First Name…”

“I’ve been in one supermarket commercial in the last 3 years and I’m fully available”

  1. Full name and agent
  2. Age and current height
  3. Where you’re from and/or live
  4. Type of twins (if applicable)
  5. Specify any commercial conflicts and/or dates of unavailability (if applicable)
  6. If requested, capture profiles without moving the camera: video a full length shot of performers facing front, then turning to each side – count to at least 2 before turning, and a 2-second close up of your hands (front and back)! Twins should perform these actions together to shorten the video time!

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