Twins or siblings (Any gender, 8–10 years)

8 – 10, interesting faces, longer hair better for 70s look.

Proposed film shooting dates: w/c 13th September 2021

Proposed filming location: UK (exact loc tbc)

Artist must be able to swim.

Artist to make their availability known for 2 weeks after the shoot incase of any re-shooting eventualities and any possible technical issues.

BSF Β£190 (shooting days as per APA guidelines relating to age of each child).
Chaperone fee at Β£100 per child
Travel & down days to be paid at 50% of the BSF.
Wardrobe – Β£50 per session
Recalls – Β£50 per session
Radio & any ADR post shoot @ Β£150/h
Usage fees FEATURED BUYOUT FEE: Β£950 (500% of the BSF)