SELF GIFTING – SISTERS (Female, 47–63 years)

if French and Saunders were sisters …… 2 X Women in their late 40s 50s early 60s (sisters.. Could be cool if they were twins. we are looking for diversity here please but mainly lovely comedy performance …..

In a cosy kitchen now. Two middle aged sisters are exchanging gifts at the table. Their husbands watch from across the room. The sister receiving the gift is trying on a pretty standard itchy-looking sweater, with the tags still on. Wrapping paper lies on the table. The other sister, the giver of the sweater, wears a jumper that is very elaborate. A chunky-knit, expensive-looking jumper. She watches benevolently. As we focus on the nicer-jumper-wearers smug face. The husband opens a cupboard to get more wine, and the chorus is crammed into the cupboard. They sing.

Casting location: SELF TAPES, United Kingdom
Production dates: RECALLS : 26TH AND 27TH AUGUST

BSF: £300
£4000 (option incl. stills )
£2500 (option excl. stills)