Twins in 40s/50s for NHS doc, plus other roles

Casting for London based people that would be up for talking about their loved ones for an uplifting shoot.

True-to-life portraits of individuals, couples and family members and friends (in groups of two) talking about their loved ones. Regional and Welsh accents would be great too.

In particular we are looking for the following (please state with application form below!):

  1. NHS Nurse and Partner,
  2. Mixed Group of Friends in 20s,
  3. Couple with baby, late 20s / early 30s,
  4. Teenager 16-19,
  5. Older man with children and grandchildren,
  6. Couple, 30s/40s with a dog,
  7. Twins in 40s/50s,
  8. Female, 20s with granddad,
  9. mum, 40s, with grown up sons,
  10. Uni student,18-22,
  11. Couple, 30s or with an age gap.

Fee and usage if chosen to film: 1 x 60 & 1 x 30 c/d TV & online England and Wales (including all social sites, VOD, digital & print) full t&C’s in the contracts

Featured cast person speaking to camera (with acting experience) £250 per day with usage £1k
Featured cast person non speaking to camera £250 per day with usage £750
People who appear in photos £150 if shown

Shoot date: Thursday 17th or Friday 18th of September

To apply:

  1. Please attach a photo of you and your loved one below
  2. Also send in little clip of you (yourselves), saying your name and showing us a photo of your loved ones on your phone. Please get someone to film you talking about them to camera. (Loved ones could be a family member, friend, colleague or partner) along with location and contact number
  3. You will also be asked to fill in artist declaration forms which we must receive before the shoot. Usually we would do this at a live casting but we are casting from clips.

Deadline: Monday 14th of September 3pm to

Please read the full brief and if you’re available, interested and fit the criteria, and your profile is up to date and live, use this application form to apply ASAP.  

    Application Form: