Style Twins (Any gender, 25–34 years)

These identical twins could be in their early 30s. They’re unusual looking.
Gender is open as well as ethnicity.
They’ll be coordinated + complementary to one another down to the last detail but not matchy-matchy.
Playing age: 25–35 years

Contract type: Commercials
Contract info: Usage/Performance Payments: BSF shoot fee – £350
Overtime (if applicable) £70 per hour (1/5 of BSF)
Wardrobe call at £50
Usage Fee £3,500

Casting: Initially via Zoom appointments on Thursday 23rd & Friday 24th September 2021

Recall: Tuesday 28th October
Production dates: Wardrobe: Monday 4th October

Shoot Dates: Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th October, London