Mixed sex twins (5–9 years)

Need your best kids here, really confident, good with comedy, characterful and interesting.

There is a funny scene where the Mum is getting the kids changed after swimming, the comedy comes from how awful we all know it is to have to change out of your soggy swimsuit in a tiny cubicle! The comedy is all inferred through the shutting of the door and the dialogue etc behind the door.

If mum is actress/available, please let us know 🙂

**Please note we will start licensing on Weds 25th to ensure we have 10 clear working days **

Casting details: Self tapes (Possible live in person recall) Due to shoot dates/child licensing , these tapes will be needed by 24th August, so please only suggest talent happy to tape in that turnaround time.
Production dates: 9th – 11th Sept
Contract info: £180 BSF £1,000 BUYOUT