Max voiceover (Male, 4–5 years)

Max is at a very specific age, and I think really should be no more than 5 years old. Please have a think about brothers of your twins, or a twin on his own. He’ll need to be the kind of kid who is happy chatting away to adults

It’s the age where children start making up their own jokes; they are structurally sound but of course make no sense at all, yet they achieve the goal of making us laugh because they are so adorable.

It’s also the age where children are making sense of the world around them, but come out with things that are quite funny to adults. Example – my 4-year-old niece passed on a cold to her brother recently. He was quite cross with her about it, and so she decided she should give him a cuddle to take the cold back off him. You could see her logic, and she had real confidence in her theory, but the result was of course an absolutely delightful moment for the adults around her.

And this is what we want to achieve with our Max v/o. He doesn’t really have to act – we’ll capture the v/o by chatting to him and hope that we can get some of these funny little moments on tape.

Voice: Full of life and not overly posh

Our Max will be…

  • Full of energy and excitement. Max will certainly not be a shy kid and will have a lot to say for himself and about Christmas, and all sorts of other things.
  • Max will love to share with us the information he’s gathered or overheard from grown ups, but he’ll put his own spin on it. It’s that thing where small children in the 80s believed that Margaret Thatcher has literally drunk ALL the school milk herself.

Fees: £185 BSF & £1K usage. If the child is chosen to appear as Max on film, the above fees will be paid twice. We may cast two different children. £50 recall fee for in-person recall on 9th September.

We’ll initially ask for some quick self-tapes / possibly a zoom or facetime with the director. We may possibly ask for a quick Zoom chat ahead of this. This will be quick, and we can generally fit in at a convenient time rather than on a set day. No additional fee for this.

An in person recall will be on 9th September in London.
Production dates: Shooting 29th, 30th & 31st September