Manchester based actor dad with Twins/kids 8-12yrs

Casting via SELF-TAPES. We will request self-tapes from selected suggestions by 10am Tuesday 10th November 2020 and the deadline for the self-tape submissions is 3pm on Wednesday 11th November 2020. The face to face recalls will be in Manchester on either Monday 16th or Tuesday 17th November 2020. Shoot dates: 24th, 25th, 26th November 2020

Dad (Male, 38–45 years)

A talented actor who is good at working with children. His hands are going to be featured quite heavily, so we need to see them and ensure no tattoos on hands / lower arms. BSF: £350. BUYOUT: £1500

Woman (Female, 30–35 years)

This is a walk-on role. BSF: £350

Twins, siblings, cousins (same bubble) 8-12yrs

We are looking for 2 x children who will be featured in this commercial. They could be male and female, 2 x males or 2 x females. Aged 8-12. We are looking for very talented actors. BSF: £190 BUYOUT: £950

Please read the full brief and if you’re available, interested and fit the criteria, and your profile is up to date and live, use this application form to apply ASAP.  

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