Male #twins 25+

Twins (Male, 25+)

Description: Twins.  Male.  They could have a playing age of 25-early 40’s All suggestions must legally be 25 or over as this with advertise gambling.  Please suggest all ethnicities. They have a cinematic look, The look should be that of movie stars. Good performers.

As this job shoots in Bangkok, Thailand all suggestions must have valid passports with at least 6 months to run from April 2017.

  • Casting TOMORROW so please suggest ASAP-thanks
  • Production location: Bangkok, Thailand – so must have passport!
  • Production dates: Thursday 30th March – Travel Friday 31st March – Rehearsal/Fitting  Saturday 1st April – Shoot Night 1 Sunday 2nd April – Shoot Night 2  Monday 3rd April – Shoot Night 3  Tuesday 4th April – Shoot Night 4  Wednesday 5th April – Down Day  Thursday 6th April – Travel
  • Casting location: London, United Kingdom
  • Casting: Tuesday 28th March 2017
    Recall: TBC

BSF: £400/day – 11hrs (10+1hr lunch)
Travel/Prep/Wardrobe: 4 days @ £200/day (£800)
Shoot: 4 nights shoots so double fees – 4 nights @ £800/night (£3200.00)
Overtime night rate £180.00/hr.

£4,800.00, for 12 months