Kids (twins, triplets, siblings) (Any gender, 6–12 years)

We’re looking for siblings (or kids within an existing social bubble who will read as such) in pairs or preferably threes.

Age-range can be 6-12 overall. Male and female. Diverse ideas please. Licensing in 12 working days maximum.

Casting details: Initial casting from self-tapes.
Production dates:Shoot: 24th November – 1st December (overall) TBC
Wardrobe: 18th – 24th November TBC London Area

BSF – £190.00
Chaperone – £90.00
Wardrobe/Recall – £50.00
Buyout – £1,200.00

Please read the full brief and if you’re available, interested and fit the criteria, and your profile is up to date and live, use this application form to apply ASAP.  

    Application Form: