Identical Twins (Female, 18 – 30 years old)

Must be identical. Eye catching, quirky, unusual. They both look at each other and notice they’ve taken the same biscuit, they laugh at this, they are always picking the same clothes, hobbies, and now biscuits.

Agreements: Shoot fee @ £350 (11 hour day incl 1 hour for lunch)
Travel days @ £175
BUYOUTS FOR THE MAIN 30”: Digital 1 yr Italy @ £875. TV 5 weeks over 1 yr @ £875
Casting details: Monday 28th (can see tomorrow if N/A Monday) London
Production dates: Shoot/Travel: 5th- 9th November
Travel and Wardrobe: 5th November
Shoot: 6-8th November (could be 2 days, or might be the full 3 days shoot)
Travel back: 9th November

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