Headshot Photographer

Introducing one of the country’s leading child headshot photographers we’d like to recommend.

For 10 years I’ve been taking headshots in all areas of England, shooting outdoors, generally in the customer’s home garden.  This offers absolute convenience for outfit changes, no travel and I find the child is more relaxed at home too.  I have photographed well over 1,000 children, many of whom have landed roles in TV, commercials, west end spots and even Hollywood films.  I shoot adults too of course, but owing to ‘word of mouth’ among parents I’d say the split is 70/30, kids to adults.

Chris Keenan

We’re delighted to direct our child actors (and adults) for headshots.  If you like his work, of which I have attached a price flyer and a link to his website.

Please remember to say the recommendation came from TV Twins.