Female body double

We are working on a movie and looking for a body double for Storm Reid. The body double needs to be between 5’7 and 5’9 tall – 5’8 is the sweet spot! This is shooting in the south of France. She would need to be available for a fitting on May 9th and shooting May 15th – 27th

See image.

Role Ethnic Appearance – Black
If you are SAG, the rate is weekly scale. If you are not SAG – $2,250 USD/ week.
Travel, accommodations will be provided as well as per diem of $50/day.

Briefs may change so please check back!

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✓ You’ve not appeared in competitive advertising within the last two years.

✓ You’re legally entitled to work in the UK with relevant documents and paperwork in place.

✓ You’re available on the dates specified and can get yourself to the casting venue.

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