Dad and kids (commercial casting)

These are fun, breezy scripts for which we’re looking for funny everyday real families. Please apply asap and we’ll request tapes later this afternoon.

A guy in his mid-late 30s.

He’s an office worker. Not a high-flyer, just an average guy with a family. We’re looking for relatable, everyday types here. People who are good with comedy.
Playing age: 35–39 years
BSF: £350.00 Wardrobe: £50.00 Recalls: £50.00 Buyout: £7,000.00

Girl (Female, 4–6 years)

A girl between 4 – 6. Someone with a good sense of adventure and play. We’re also casting a toddler role to go with her, so would love you to flag any kids who also have a sibling who’s 18 months – two and a half. We will cast on-set back ups from this same pool of kids.
Playing age: 4–6 years
BSF: £200.00 Wardrobe: £50.00 Recalls: £50.00 Buyout: £2,000.00

Toddler (Any gender, 3 years)

This is for a toddler. Our preference here will be to cast siblings with the role briefed above, so do flag kids who have an older sister.
Playing age: 3 years
BSF: £200.00 Wardrobe: £50.00 Recalls: £50.00 Buyout: £2,000.00

Casting details: Casting from self-tapes
Production dates: Overall shoot dates 24th – 28th November
Wardrobe: 17th or 18th November

Please read the full brief and if you’re available, interested and fit the criteria, and your profile is up to date and live, use this application form to apply ASAP.  

    Application Form: