Christmas Ad for household supermarket (Commercial)


Three funny and heartfelt scripts for this Christmas ad that focus on the family & food; The place food takes in these films presents truths about the communality of food, the role food takes in so many of our memories, the way it can become part of a family’s traditions, or in the worst cases, folklore! Most importantly, these films are about the way food connects to the idea of home and what our homes mean to us; comfort, safety, understanding and the kind of relationships you can never make out in the real world. These films will be full of magic and humour, not in spite of their authenticity but because of it. Christmas is a magical time, undeniably, but it’s also funny – it’s a time people and families let their guard down, get drunk, do silly things, fall asleep, buy inappropriate gifts… so there’s visible humour inherent situationally.

Production Details

Production dates:  Other roles recall 2nd October. Wardrobe 9th & / 10th October.
Shoots Wednesday 14th October – 17th London. Casting Details:  Tapes due tomorrow

Daughter SCRIPT 1 (Female, 5 – 7 years old)

Female. Aged around 5-7. Black. Must be based within M25. The daughter is old enough to feel shame when her dad starts singing. Even though it’s not in front of anyone other than the family, she’s mortified as soon as he opens his mouth. She is maybe a bit awkward. A little too tall for her age, or a little uncomfortable in her own skin. CAN NOT BE APPEARING IN ANY OTHER XMAS ADS The two biggest things we are looking for are convincing relationships and natural, authentic performances. The audience needs to be left in no doubt that these are members of the same family. And when these people appear on camera we have to believe their every move. Height:  Any. Appearance:  Black-Other Areas,Black-Caribbean,Black-African,African-American. Agreements:  BSF: £350 Buyout: £1,000

Kids – All scripts *SUPPORTING ROLE (Male or female, 10 – 13 years old)

We are looking for real SIBLINGS or COUSINS who are in the same bubble. Aged 10 – 13. All ethnicities but specifically black brothers and white brothers. All other sibling combinations would be appreciated. Height:  Any. Appearance:  Any. Agreements:  BSF: £350 Buyout: £1,000

Please read the full brief and if you’re available, interested and fit the criteria, and your profile is up to date and live, use this application form to apply ASAP.  State which role you’re applying for!

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