Children for commercial (7-9 years)

I hope you’re well, Happy Friday!

We’re casting this wonderfully nostalgic and joyful film for McDonalds 50th celebration. Please state which role you’re applying for in app form.

We ask that you please check your availability before submitting as it’s a quick turn around.
Kids Recall: Tuesday 12th March / Wednesday 13th March
Adults Recall: Thursday 4th April
Rehearsal – HERO: Thursday 18th April PM
Wardrobe: 23rd + 24th April
Shoot Dates: 30th April – 2nd May
Location: London


The birthday group, of friends or classmates, aged 8/9 years old. 20 strong, should be an assortment of kids you’d find in any primary school class. They add texture and reality to the film…faces and types that are as instantly recognisable now as they were 40 years ago.

A handful of this group will be upgraded to featured roles either during the casting process, on set or in the edit. All suggestions will be considered for upgrades to featured roles.


The hero of the film. Most likely a young boy but we are open to seeing all genders. They are in Year 4 and aged 7/8 years old. (A YOUNG looking 9 year old would give us more time on set, but this is not critical. The youthfulness, freedom and lack of inhibition is more important). They are the younger sibling of the Birthday boy/girl.

Ideally our kid would be obsessed with dance and have a very intuitive sense of rhythm, whose enthusiasm and character shines as much as their very own, personalised break dancing moves. I want to see their confidence shine when they moves, this is their world, their groove, this is their element.

They are unassuming, authentic, real, relatable, calm, and down to earth. They should not be phased by the camera, or dancing in front of people…for them dance isn’t a performance, it’s something natural, borne out of pure enjoyment and for the way it feels. Our hero is not attention seeking…they are loveable, comfortable in themselves, but still possibly a little shy. They should have that calm and natural confidence of someone older than they actually are, but still with a certain vulnerability. As a younger sibling, they’re probably quite used to being left to get on with things.

In conclusion, our hero doesn’t need a performance background, but they should have an intuitive sense of rhythm. It’s all about the feeling and instinct.

Please make note of anyone with breakdance experience. Please make note of anyone with an older sibling aged 9/10.

Recalls £50
Wardrobe £50
Rehearsal TBC 50% of BSF

WALK ON CHILD: £300 + £120 chaperone fee

FEATURED HERO CHILD: £300 + £150 chaperone fee
FEATURED CHILD: £300 + £150 chaperone fee

FEATURED HERO CHILD: £2500 (only payable if featured in final edit)
FEATURED CHILD: £1500 (only payable if featured in final edit)

A handful of CHILD WALK ONS will be upgraded to featured roles either during the casting process, on set or in the edit. If they are upgraded to feature, the buyout for child featured artists would apply.

We would love to see any suggestions you might have 🙂

Briefs may change so please check back!

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