Baby & Father Duo (1–3 years)

We are looking for a toddler between the ages of 18 months-3 years, of whom their ethnicity is Chinese or Indian (can be a boy or a girl). They must be accompanied by their REAL Father.

Appearance: Indian, Chinese

For our second baby/father duo, we are looking for a toddler between the ages of 18 months-3 years (can be a boy or a girl) and of any ethnicity. They must be accompanied by their REAL Father.

Father should be late 30’s – early 40’s, should look like a regular guy with a characterful/expressive face and possibly a little unfit/overweight despite potentially (NOT definitely) being able to sustain a pose on wires for a little while.

The baby will need to cry for the scenario 🙁 so parents should be okay with this. Production and parents will no doubt (together) work out how to do this.

Child licensing will need to be underway come this Wednesday SO any dad/baby combo who we book for the self/tape casting will need to have their licensing underway before we even see their tapes. Production will work directly with agents/parents this Wednesday to get the licensing underway for all the babies so please be prepared for that. Production understand that not all agents will have experience of child licensing and will be there to make the process as straight forward for you as possible.

Adult BSF: £350 per day (1day only) Child BSF: £190 (1 day only) Chaperone: £100 Usage Fee: 4k Child Usage Fee: 2K

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