MALE TWINS 35/40 years old

HERO TWINS (Male, 35–40 years)TWINS 35/40 years old, MODERN, CHARISMATIC Contract info: 4000 euros per twin for 1 year France and Drom, Monaco etc (renewable 4 times ) / digital world (option 1) 1500 euros per twin for option 2 digitals 2000 euros per twin for option 3 cinema 3000 euros per twin for print option option Europe package…

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Any Twins – 20s – Influencers?

TWINS (Any gender, 22–28 years) We are looking for a pair of twins, don’t have to be totally identical. Good with learning lots of lines and speaking naturally… Twins from same family but with different personalities. Mid 20s. Female or male or other. Must be close and spark each other off in a fun and engaging way. Rose –…

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