MALE TWINS 35/40 years old

HERO TWINS (Male, 35–40 years)

Contract info:

  • 4000 euros per twin for 1 year France and Drom, Monaco etc (renewable 4 times ) / digital world (option 1)
  • 1500 euros per twin for option 2 digitals
  • 2000 euros per twin for option 3 cinema
  • 3000 euros per twin for print option
  • option Europe package 4 x 4000

I can get further info to you re monies but firstly I need to see whether we actually have the twins here! I reckon day rate will be around €410-450 TBC

How to apply…

  1. You MUST update your profile to make it relevant to the brief, particularly in the BIO section (under ‘Skills’). This shows you’ve read the full brief and fit the criteria – and your profile will up to date!
  2. If shoot location’s not in your area, please make it clear you can travel to/from and have accommodation as this is not usually covered.
  3. Use this application form to let us know you’re interested and available, and provide any further information and images – we won’t submit you if you don’t apply!  

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