Where to Send Tapes

Please trim anything non relevant, such as you moving around at the beginning/end to operate the camera. Do not include any personal contact details, just your name and agent, and our email address will suffice. Use ‘medium’ settings to save the file and label with the character you are playing and your name. Please title appropriately, e.g. “slate-your_name” Upload directly from your smartphone…

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Mums with 2 kids

Mums who have 2 kids they could tape with who are age 16 to 20 but look young. Must be in a bubble. Casting: Self tapes this week. Recalls on ZOOM next week.Dates: Wardrobe 18th Feb, Shoot overall 22nd to 26th Feb, London 3 ROLES – MUM PLUS TWO TEENAGERS (Female, 40–60 years) MUM – FEATURED ROLEIn the kitchen…

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Identical twins 18-32 years

We’re looking to cast identical twins in an upcoming film for a business school. They will play the same character and the twins would need to be between 18-30 years old. Filming will be on the 1st, 2nd & 3rd of March in London – exact locations are still being sorted. The fee is £1000 plus travel expenses. Open to…

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