Twins, siblings or friends (Female, 31–35 years)

We’re looking for two women from the same bubble who are on a camping trip. These roles are great for people who are good with comedy. We’ll be after dry, funny performances. Casting from self-tapes Production dates: Recalls: 12th November Wardrobe: 17th November Shoot: 23rd & 24th November. We need good general availability the w/c 9th November and the…

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Mum and kids (4–40 years)

Looking for a female, early 30s and two children aged around 4 to 7, ideally a boy and girl but open to suggestions outside of that gender mix and age range. Importantly they must be from the same household – probably a mum and her real kids. They are seen messing around together building a brilliant duvet den in…

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Mum plus 2xkids (28-43yrs, 5-13yrs)

We are looking for a young mum with 2 kids (any sex aged between 5-13yrs) Commercial casting. The key here is a clever comedy actress who allows it to happen around her. The more ordinary our mama looks, then the funnier and more unexpected the scene becomes. They are all touching and so need to be from the same…

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