TEEN TWINS (Female, 17 – 18 years old)

Any race, Twin girls 17-18 yrs old (looks younger). Please note on suggestions if your client has a brother (17-19yrs old). Obviously, the ages can be flexible to create a group that feels credible as a real family. We are also very open to casting a complete real family to fill some if not all of the roles, both…

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Identical twin actresses (Female, 18 – 25 years old)

NURSES (Female, 18 – 25 years old) Disquietingly telepathic identical twins prone to uneasy hysterical laughter. Accent: General English. Currently appears in approx. 9 scenes across 2 episodes. We would love to hear genuine identical twin suggestions for this role in the first instance. Casting details: Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation we will be casting from self tapes…

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