Real Twins, Female, 20-25 years old)

Searching for real Caucasian TWINS – Female 20’s for a short film.  TWIN1 23, Caucasian English – is the older of the two twins and by default takes the lead in bullying. She is quick-tempered and always ready for a fight, but she also knows when to listen to her sister. Eventually she learns her lesson when she pushes…

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Siblings: 16-17 (male or female)

We’re looking for a pair of siblings with an urban vibe. A little rough around the edges. Could be two brothers. two sisters, or one of each. Could be twins. Please stick tightly to the age range and please think carefully about that slightly more urban vibe. We’re looking for London school kids here. All submissions need to be…

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Two Women Siblings / Twins (51-65 years old)

We’re looking for two women who play as 50s – 60s who have either been isolating together or who are in a bubble together, so that they can work closely with one another on set. London based. The two women are seen walking down the street together – a simple moment and these are walk-on roles. Casting details: Initial…

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