Mixed sex *OR* androgenous looking twins 18-28 years

Intergalactic – looking for ‘alien’ twins I’m looking for some twins for a new TV show for Sky One shooting in Manchester. They need to be between 18-28, young looking, and preferably mixed sex or quite androgynous. It’d be for one day Thursday 26th March, potentially Friday 27th March too. £250 per person. Please ‘Apply to Casting Call’ below…

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4-5 Years Old Female Twins

Commercial casting for twins This one is for the daughter of the main character – present day. We’re keen to see some twins for this role. So please suggest accordingly! We’re looking for cinematic looks and charismatic young performers. Some on-camera experience will be helpful here. BSF: £190.00, Travel: £95.00, Wardrobe: £50.00, Buyout: £paid Must be able to attend…

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Female Twins 2-3 years old

Looking for cinematic faces and subtle, moving performances.BSF: £190.00, Travel: £95.00, Wardrobe: £50.00 Casting Tuesday 18th, Wednesday 19th, Thursday 20th, Friday 21st and recalling on Monday 24th. Production dates: Overall dates: 12th – 18th MarchThe are overall dates, it’s possible this may reduce down a bit, but please ensure good availability across all dates for now. Shoot location: Paris,…

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Twin Girls (13-16 years old)

Cruise Commercial Please let us know if there’s a dad and/or older sister who’d like to apply too! Wardrobe : 18th March Travel : 19th March Shoot : 21st – 25th March Travel : 26th March Recalls: 26th FebruaryProduction location: France and SouthamptonCASTING NEXT WEEK. PLS SUGGESTIONS ASAP Father (Male, 40-50 years old) BSF – £350 Travel day –…

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Real brothers 5-10 years

Real Brothers (Male, 5 – 10 years old) The brief is as below, but the purpose of this amendment is to ensure that we’re getting a more diverse range of kids. We’re keen that we’ve seen a representative pool here, so please ensure sure that you suggest with that in mind. NOT TWINS! We’re looking for pairs of real…

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Identical female twins 9-11years


We are requesting self-tape audition videos of the girls singing (specific instructions will be sent to those invited to audition). Girls will play on a rota of three for four pairs of twins and will be accommodated and tutored. We will require full availability for the dates below but we do not ask parents to accompany – children will…

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