Real brothers 5-10 years

Real Brothers (Male, 5 – 10 years old)
The brief is as below, but the purpose of this amendment is to ensure that we’re getting a more diverse range of kids. We’re keen that we’ve seen a representative pool here, so please ensure sure that you suggest with that in mind.

NOT TWINS! We’re looking for pairs of real brothers. One younger – 5-7 years old and one older – 8-10 years old. Please use notes to flag ages on suggestions.

We’re keen to see little kids who are perhaps a little rough around the edges. Who have lots of character, heart and charm. Little scamps who mess about, get muddy knees and occasionally get in a bit of trouble.

These are big roles, two brothers dealing with the arrival of a new baby in the family. So we need kids who have plenty about them and lots of confidence.

For now we want to keep it to real brothers so that we get that quick read on their strong bond.

Appearance: African-American, Asian, Black-African, Black-Caribbean, Black-Other Areas, Chinese, East Asian, Filipino/Malay/Thai, Hispanic, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Latin American, Middle Eastern, Mixed Race, Pakistani

Agreements:BSF: £190.00, Wardrobe: £50.00, Recalls: £50.00, Chaperone: £90.00 per day, Buyout: £5,000.00

Production dates: Wardrobe: 26th Feb – 28th Feb, Shoot: 2nd March – 5th March

Please ‘Apply to Casting Call’ below to let us know you’re interested and available. Ensure your Gallery has an up to date selection of photos (join or login first).

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