Identical (ish) Twin Girls 6-10

Kooky, quirky, characterful girlsAgreements:All media incl. TV – UK -1 year @ £500 2nd year option @ £500 3rd year option@ £250 BSF@ £180.00 all inclusive. (not great I know!)  Please ‘Apply to Casting Call’ below to let us know you’re interested and available. Ensure your Gallery has an up to date selection of photos (join or login first).

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15/16 yr old female identical twins needed

I’m looking for 15/16 yr old female identical twins (Caucasian), for a casting on Monday and shoot 12-14 Sept. Identical twins (Female, 12 – 15 years old) Need super actresses – Due to the variety of countries the spot is airing in we need to source Caucasian twins or perhaps Mediterranean looking. They should be identical twins, or at…

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