15/16 yr old female identical twins needed

I’m looking for 15/16 yr old female identical twins (Caucasian), for a casting on Monday and shoot 12-14 Sept.

Identical twins (Female, 12 – 15 years old)

Need super actresses – Due to the variety of countries the spot is airing in we need to source Caucasian twins or perhaps Mediterranean looking. They should be identical twins, or at least look almost identical, the important thing is we recognise them as twins, even if they have some subtle visual differences. They should appear in screen like they are around 13/14 years old, but in reality we can cast the net wider let’s say from 12 to 15. They need to appear that they are of school age, and not be too old to have that playful element still

Agreements (usage WW, 3 months, TV & Online only)
fees are per twin
BSF £180
buyout £4000 inc agency
Fitting and rehearsal £90
Chaperone £100

Please ‘Apply to Casting Call’ below to let us know you’re interested and available.

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