**What headshots do I need?**

If you don’t have headshots, we won’t be able to submit you for any work at all. Photos don’t have to be professional, just recent, well-framed and well-lit (see HOW TO TAKE A DECENT HEADSHOT)… As you can see from our website, a performer’s main headshot is LANDSCAPE (4:3 wide), but we also require gallery pics as 4:3 or 3:4 (landscape or portrait), so if…

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How to take a decent headshot

We don’t expect professional headshots from everyone, but we do expect you putting in a little effort to get them looking decent. Your MAIN HEADSHOT needs to be in landscape (wide 4:3) mode, not portrait or square! Here’s a helpful video on how to take passport photos on your phone! Take a selection with various natural facial expressions, and upload to your profile, or email pics to…

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