How to take a decent headshot

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We don’t expect professional headshots from everyone, but we do expect you putting in a little effort to get them looking decent.

Your MAIN HEADSHOT needs to be in landscape (wide 4:3) mode, not portrait or square!

  1. The surroundings need to be considered – best with a solid-coloured wall, blue sky or trees behind the model.
    • Tip: If model has light hair, consider a darker background and vice versa.
  2. The model should stand up straight and tall, with shoulders back and chin lifted toward the camera.
    • Tip: Hair should be washed, dry and preferably loose, wear natural make-up and simple clothes.
    • Tip: Twins – heads need to be close! Stand back to back, one behind the other, or face eachother and turn heads towards the camera.
  3. The photographer should hold the camera at eye level (or just below) and the model framed in portrait mode.
    • Tip: A well-placed tripod or stack of books may help prop up the phone!
    • Tip: If shooting indoors, stand about 3 feet from the backdrop, face a window, and place the camera between the window and the model. 

Here’s a helpful video on how to take passport photos on your phone!

Take a selection with various natural facial expressions, and upload to your profile, or email pics to or upload via Dropbox or ask first if we can accept them on Whatsapp

Here are some examples of what we’re after:

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