TWINS OR REAL SIBLINGS (Any gender, 24–29 years)

TWINS OR REAL SIBLINGS (Any gender, 24–29 years)
Maybe they’re super close siblings, perhaps identical or non-identical twins. Either way they’ve been gaming together since the glory days of Halo 3 on the Xbox 360. And even now, 15 years later, they still carve out at least one evening a week to game together in person.
Would be great if we found real gamer twins or close siblings for this.
Regional UK accents please.

The only thing they know more about than video games is each other. They’re totally themselves in each other’s company, probably more so than they are with their girlfriends/boyfriends.

They’re both nerds at heart, but one of them leans into it more than the other. One of them does cosplay and proudly displays their War Hammer action figures in the bedroom along with all their other Forbidden Planet paraphernalia. Their friend on the other hand has grown up to be a bit more ‘conventional’ and could never even admit to owning such items (but they do, they’re hidden away in the closet).

But above all they’re both likable, fun people, the mates you can rely on. They love their hobby with a passion and get genuinely excited about it, so when they get ‘Volted’ they are absolutely buzzing about it.

We imagined these characters to be a boy and a girl and would like to explore that, but we’re also interested to see other sets of friends of the same gender.

We have an amazing ensemble cast to find and it goes without saying that we would like to see a diverse cast. We want to celebrate as many forms of diversity possible. All ethnicities, sexualities, religions, disabilities and genders should be called for the casting, and considered equally for every role.

Playing age: 24–29 years

Non-equity contract, details as follows:
Service fees
Featured Artist and Secondary Featured Artist
£350 + £42.25 (12.07% holiday pay) /day (Shooting days to be 10 hours inc. 1 hour for lunch, excluding travel to and from the shoot location/ set)
Fees will not be paid for travel time or early /dawn calls.
Overtime – 20% of BSF per hour over and above the 10 hour shoot day
Wardrobe – £50 per session
No additional allowance for personal wardrobe items used.
Recalls – £50 per session
Additional dialog replacement (ADR) – £150 per hour

1 x Featured Artist – £7000