Twin with Partner (over 30)

Real Couples (Male or female, 36 – 50 years old)
We’re looking for real couples who have great chemistry. It doesn’t have to be the case that both are actors, it could be the case that it’s an actor and their partner.

We’re looking for people with a good sense of adventure and who enjoy each other’s company. They should have a natural rapport – which is why we’re looking for real couples.

Please note that everyone will need to cast in their swimwear.

Agreements: This is an unusual deal. It’s an all in fee (plus per diem). Please have a careful read before suggesting.
Fees include shoot days, wardrobe and down days. 15 day total commitment.
Per Diem: $150.00 (except on shoot days when all meals are provided.
Buyout Fees: Buyout to cover: Worldwide | All media
3 Year term – with one exclusivity from the list of three: £6,000.00 per person
3 Year Term – with exclusivity for Cruise & Travel and Tourism: £8,000.00 per person
3 Year Term – with exclusivity for Cruise, Travel/Tourism & Amusements/Water Parks: £10k/person
5 Year Term – with exclusivity for Cruise & Travel/Tourism: £12k/person
5 Year Term – with exclusivity for Cruise, Travel/Tourism & Amusements/Water Park Exclusivity: £14k/person

10hr work day – meal breaks not included Work day begins/end at boat departure/arrival
Overtime is paid at a rate of £50 per hour per person.
Any additional shoot days, beyond the stated term above are paid at £500 per person per day.

Please ‘Apply to Casting Call’ below to let us know you’re interested and available. Attach pic of partner, providing name and date of birth.

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