Triplets over 9-years

The Assistant Producer on a lovely new TV show for CBBC has been in touch with us.  As part of the show they are in need of a set of identical triplets.  No stipulations at this point, other than, over 9 years of age and identical or as near to.  Teenagers and adults encouraged to apply. Models will need to speak to the children on camera about themselves before the children paint them!

The inspiration day location would be London based.  The second Manchester/Bolton for the studio day.  Both times at least a half day to a full day.  Hopefully this will firmed up by next week.

They’d be looking to hire triplets for two sessions: once in May (currently one day between the 23rd and 3rd of June) and the other mid-June (between the 14th and 24th of June).

It will be paid and I’m just waiting for more details.